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[See-Through Fabric] Creating custom silk material with the karamiori weaving technique.

Yasuda Textile Co., Ltd. carries on the 300-year tradition of the high-grade silk fabric called Tango chirimen silk crepe, and we produce high-quality see-through fabrics using our own proprietary “karamiori” technique (a type of leno weave).
We strive to provide prompt service for creating custom fabrics and prototypes via a one-stop system with 100% of production in our own factory and in-house creation of pattern card data.

Yasuda Textile’s Techniques and Production System

The main distinguishing features of Yasuda Textile are our use of the karamiori weaving technique to create see-through fabric, and our in-house creation of pattern cards to convert the pattern design into the weave of the fabric.
We do 100% of production at our own factory, so we can handle production of custom fabric smoothly.

The Karamiori Weaving Technique

In this weaving technique, the warp threads are twisted in a figure eight pattern into which the weft threads are inserted to create open spaces in the fabric.

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Custom Fabric

We handle the process for creating fabric with custom designs from beginning to end, including producing small lots with quick turnaround and creating data for pattern cards.

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Factory and Production System

This is an introduction to the equipment our company uses to produce a wide range of karamiori fabrics, as well as our production capacity.

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