Custom Fabric Commissions

100% In-House Factory System
We handle the production of custom fabric.

Our company offers one-stop service, from consulting on the design process for silk fabric, to creating pattern card data to reproduce the design in the weave of the fabric, the actual weaving itself, and checking the quality of the finishing to ensure that the idea of the design is reproduced faithfully. We are capable of completing the entire process of producing custom fabric in-house, which enables us to control quality, as well as to realize our customers’ ideas through a single channel.

We also flexibly accommodate small lot production

Our company does 100% of production in our own factory, and our ability to complete the entire process in-house allows us to handle even small lots with great attention to detail. Our production system enables to monitor the entire process, allowing us to avoid discrepancies between the customer’s ideas and the work on the factory floor, and earning us an establishing reputation for reliable quality.

Speed and Cost Benefits

When different people are creating the pattern card data and doing the weaving, there are drawbacks in both cost and delivery time. Our company creates the pattern card data in-house, so we place our emphasis on turning out each order in as short a time span as possible while also producing cost benefits.

Creating pattern card data that convey your image

We are well-versed in both creating pattern card data and the weaving process, allowing us to receive design images directly and reproduce them. We have established a production system which enables us to check the look of custom fabric, and we also handle prototype development.

Custom Fabric Examples

Commissions Process

  1. You contact us about the pattern design, whether you have images, the application for the fabric, the volume of the order, and the delivery time, etc.
  2. We will contact you about whether or not we can take on the commission.
  3. We will consult with you about the design, materials, sample checks, delivery time, and cost, etc.
  4. If you give us approval, the design is finalized and we proceed to creating pattern cards.
  5. When the pattern cards are completed, we begin the actual weaving of the fabric.
  6. We will finish the woven fabric in accordance with your requested processing and coloring.
  7. Completion and delivery.

*The above is just one example. We also accommodate different approaches to the process.

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