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CEO Shoji Yasuda
CEO Shoji Yasuda

For the preservation of the Tango chirimen tradition and the future of Tango

Since the 1950s, Yasuda Textile Co., Ltd. has been weaving Tango chirimen silk crepe, a textile that has a history going back almost 300 years in the Tango area of northern Kyoto Prefecture. Among the various types of Tango chirimen silk crepe (kimono fabric), we have woven the types called “ro” and “sha” used for summer kimono in particular.
In addition to manufacturing Tango chirimen silk crepe, in recent years we have also worked on manufacturing and selling fashion accessories such as stoles and interior furnishings primarily made from silk materials.

Our Corporate Philosophy: “To remain a company that will endure 100 years”

From time immemorial, textiles have been woven in this area. At some time around the year 1720, one of our predecessors began weaving what is now known as Tango chirimen silk crepe. Since then, this area has prospered thanks to chirimen, and many of the people in this community have made their livelihoods from Tango chirimen silk crepe.
We have not forgotten this fact, and we intend to continue to be a part of the community 100 years from now as a leader of this essential local industry. To achieve this, we strive to provide products and services which will inspire in our customers a love of Tango, Tango chirimen silk crepe, and Tango’s textiles through our efforts.

Company Profile

Company Name Yasuda Textile Co., Ltd.
Representative CEO Shoji Yasuda
Address 811-2 Ushirono, Yosano-cho, Yosa-gun, Kyoto 629-2404
TEL/FAX TEL 0772-43-0151 FAX 0772-43-0152
Capital Stock ¥25,000,000
Established August 1952
Business Activities Manufacturing and sales of white cloth for Japanese summer kimono, silk karamiori cloth, fabrics for interior furnishings, and fashion accessories


Background Founder Takuo Yasuda established “Itosho Yasuda Shoten” on our current location
It merged with Kaya Sanshi Ltd. during the war
August 1952 First Generation Takuo established a company to manufacture and sell Tango chirimen silk crepe textiles
August 1977 Second Generation Konosuke Yasuda assumed the role of CEO
August 2013 Third Generation Shoji Yasuda assumed the role of CEO

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